I received an envelope in the mail from Anne a few weeks back with a thumb drive full of photos of what I’m now calling “The Tim Day Archives.” I had been thinking of putting together a family history website for a long time, even started on one a few times. I’d already digitized the photos from the albums Aunt Irene left behind, so the notion was there. I just needed an impetus. The Tim Day thumb drive was that impetus.

Aunt Irene left 4 more albums which I’ll need to upload and make pages for. Several years back, I recorded my mother on a tour of her old haunts in Oakland and Berkeley. I’ll need to learn how to edit audio and present the clips. I was in West Virginia a decade ago, and have recordings of Peck and Lorraine, who were in their 80’s and 90’s at the time, talking about the old days; I’ll need to edit that audio, as well. Then there’s the poetry my Nana left. It will need to be digitized. And after that are the scads of photos and documents sitting in piles and boxes, which need to be edited and made presentable.

So about 30 years of work ahead of me…

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